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Drilling a water well and building a water reservoir for the Paktika earthquake-affected people

Continuing our social and humanitarian activities, Arj Social Organization completed a water project and put it into use for the Paktika earthquake-affected people. This project provides clean drinkable water to more than 300 families that are between 1,480 to 1,600 people. People in the area spent hours to access water from distant areas previously. Fortunately, they now have access to clean drinkable water for 24 hours/day in their own area.

The water well was drilled in 63 meters, and the water reservoir was built to provide water to the people for 3 to 4 days once it is filled. In addition, solar system and other facilities required for water supply were made available to the people in the area.


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Our vision is to create a poverty-free society, empowering the vulnerable and preserving the environment for future generations in Afghanistan. We strive for a world where education, healthcare, and clean water are fundamental rights, and economic empowerment leads to brighter futures.