Donate to save Tajala's Life

Tajala, a 13-year-old child diagnosed with cancer (Bone Marrow). The absence of bone marrow is fatal since it makes all the components of blood that one needs to survive. Tajala's family cannot afford her operation nor can they pay for the weekly blood transfusion she needs to survive. Please follow the link below and make a donation to save this child from cancer.

Arj Social Organization

Considering the social, economic, cultural and scientific needs of society as well as the essential need to support different segments in the society to satisfy such needs; Arj Social Organization in accordance to the constitution and community law of Afghanistan is committed to carry out activities and work in providing social assistance, assistance to the poor, fighting against illegal customs and tradition, fighting against linguistic, ethnic, and racial discriminations, establishing and constructing charitable centers, providing educational assistance, educational counseling, holding training programs, providing technical and scientific assistance to educational organizations, creating educational opportunities for students of schools and universities, providing job-search and job-creation assistance, job counseling, creating job opportunities for young people, providing environmental protection and improvement services, healthcare services, holding healthcare training programs, and providing environmental protection assistance and legal aid. It has been established by a team of innovators and benevolent people of the society with a non-political, non-governmental, independent and non-for-profit nature and by allowing other people of the society to get membership, it is an inclusive organization and belongs to every member in the society.

About us


Afghanistan is one of developing and transitioning countries of the world which deals with profound challenges.



Arj Social Organization is established under auspices of experienced and committed members with the



1. Being bound to and adherence of the provisions of the Afghan Constitution and other applicable laws in Afghanistan


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Social and Cultural

We believe that social and cultural activities are the main foundations for the development of a society and the country. Therefore, it is our mission to actively


The main asset of a society is the educated people inside it. In today's world, which is called the era of knowledge, developed and leading countries in

Legal Aid and Consultation

Living in a society and a world in which all citizens are aware of their rights and responsibilities is one of the greatest ambitions of mankind throughout the


Increasing unemployment rate in the country is concerning and has recently become a serious problem. The main victims of this circumstance are the young


The environment, or in simple words, the place where humans live, plays a basic and effective role in the mental and physical health of human beings and the

Latest News & Activities

Distribution of Stationary Packages to the School Students in Gayan District of Paktika Province

August 2023

In order to value and prioritize education for the younger generation and to continue supporting the residents of Gayan district of Paktika province,

Drilling a water well and building a water reservoir for the Paktika earthquake-affected people

May 2023

Continuing our social and humanitarian activities, Arj Social Organization completed a water project and put it into use for the Paktika earthquake-affected people.

Arj Social Organization's initiative for holding tree-planting program in Kabul City

Mar 2023

Continuing its cultural, social, and humanitarian activities, Arj Social Organization donated 300 trees to Kabul Municipality on Mar 15, 2023 for