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Drilling a water well and building a water reservoir for the Paktika earthquake-affected people

Continuing our social and humanitarian activities, Arj Social Organization completed a water project and put it into use for the Paktika earthquake-affected people.

4th May, 2023

Arj Social Organization's initiative for holding tree-planting program in Kabul City

Continuing its cultural, social, and humanitarian activities, Arj Social Organization donated 300 trees to Kabul Municipality on Mar 15, 2023 for promoting the green environment in Kabul City.

15th March, 2023

Donating Essential Medicine to the CHC Clinic of Gayan District, Paktika Province

Gayan district of Paktika province is the district whose residents suffered the most from Paktika earthquake.

23th Jan, 2023

Building House for Paktika Earthquake-Affected People

The little Najia and her family had their house ruined due to heavy earthquake in Paktika.

22th November, 2022

Arj Cricket Club qualified to the final in Zarmalwal Tournament and became Runner-up

Upon foundation, Arj Cricket Club participated in Zarmalwal Tournament as the first official cricket tournament for the team.

18th August, 2022