Social and Cultural

We believe that social and cultural activities are the main foundations for the development of a society and the country. Therefore, it is our mission to actively contribute to promoting of citizenship culture and enhancing the quality of social life of our people by planning and implementing regular and effective programs in this field.


The main asset of a society is the educated people inside it. In today's world, which is called the era of knowledge, developed and leading countries in economic, political, social and other areas dedicate most of their investment to educating their nation, especially the youth. Contemplating this importance, the Arj Social Organization is proud to have made educational activities part of its practice areas, in order to play an effective role in bringing up a trained and educated workforce in our country, Afghanistan.

Legal Aid and Consultation

Living in a society and a world in which all citizens are aware of their rights and responsibilities is one of the greatest ambitions of mankind throughout the history. Creating such a society is possible when all members of community respect the rights of each other and remain bound to their responsibilities anywhere and at any time. We, at Arj Social Organization provide counseling and legal aid services to our fellow citizens to make them aware of their rights and responsibilities and make a great stride towards the rule of law, security, stability and the creation of an ideal society based on the rule of law.


Increasing unemployment rate in the country is concerning and has recently become a serious problem. The main victims of this circumstance are the young and mostly educated people whom are threatened by myriads of difficulties and dangers, including loss of professional skills and abilities, lack of motivation to work, poverty, disappointment, and other mental problems, tendencies towards moral and social deviance, and thousands of other dangers. With regard to this crisis, Arj Social Organization, with its specialized and committed members and in cooperation with various national and international institutions, seeks to provide the necessary activities in the areas of advancing abilities and job skills, job creation, and employment to our people who suffer from unemployment.


The environment, or in simple words, the place where humans live, plays a basic and effective role in the mental and physical health of human beings and the quality of their activities and lives, and every individual who lives on the earth is responsible for the protection of the environment. Although the protection of environment from pollution is one of the priorities for human beings, as well as national and international organizations and the governments; unfortunately in our country, given the severity of environment condition, not enough attention is paid to this issue. Taken together the above facts, we found it necessary to dedicate part of the activities of Arj Social Organization to the environmental activities by trying to protect the environment and fulfill our responsibility before future generations whom this environment will be a legacy for.