Afghanistan is one of developing and transitioning countries of the world which deals with profound challenges. With regard to social, economic, cultural and academic needs of the Afghan society, as well as the essential requirement to support different sections of society to satisfy such needs; Arj Social Organization, pursuant to the provisions of Afghanistan Constitution and Social Organizations Law of Afghanistan is committed to carry out activities and work in providing social aid, assistance to the poor, fighting against illegal customs and traditions, combat against linguistic, ethnic, and racial discriminations, establishing and constructing charitable centers, providing educational support, educational counseling, holding training programs, providing technical and academic assistance to educational organizations, creating educational opportunities for students of schools and universities, providing job-search and job-creation assistance, job counseling, creating job opportunities for the youth, providing environmental protection and improvement services, healthcare services, holding healthcare training programs and legal aid services. The Organization is established by a team of pioneers and benevolent youths of the society with a non-political, non-governmental, independent and non-for-profit identity, and by allowing other people of the society get membership and contribute for such social activities. Arj is an organization which belongs to every member of the society.


Arj Social Organization is established under auspices of experienced and committed members with the cooperation and full support of the knowledgeable and benevolent nation of Afghanistan to achieve the following objectives:

A. Social Assistance
● Providing assistance to the indigents
● Combat against illegal customs and traditions
● Combat against linguistic, ethnic, and racial discriminations
● Establishing and constructing charitable centers

B. Educational Support
● Educational counseling
● Holding training programs
● Providing technical and academic assistance to educational organizations
● Creating educational opportunities to the students of schools and universities

C. Employment Support
● Employment counseling
● Creating job opportunities for the youth

D. Environmental Protection and Improvement Services
● Healthcare services
● Holding healthcare training programs
● Environmental protection assistance

E. Legal Aid and Assistance
• Providing legal aid for indigent clients
• Helping to enhance the level of legal knowledge of citizens
• Helping to safeguard justice in the country by making citizens aware of their rights and obligations
• Holding legal seminars and programs


1. Being bound to and adherence of the provisions of the Afghan Constitution and other applicable laws in Afghanistan
2. Considering and prioritizing the national interests of the country in implementing all activities
3. Respecting the realization of all social and individual rights and freedoms
4. Respecting all humanitarian values and the tenet of “peoples’ equality in using the organization's facilities and services”
5. Trustworthiness, transparency, responsibility, sincerity and non-profit services
6. Intellectual support from the organization's supporters and sharing the organization's credits and achievements with them

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